Soulful, Savvy Women

It’s time to stop
mumbling, apologising
and procrastinating…

And time to start
getting crystal clear, energised
and taking courageous action.

The Challenge

Do you…

Know higher earnings will give you choice and freedom?
Need more creativity to nourish your soul?
Know your spirit yearns for a change to bring more joy and fulfilment into your life?
Dream of creating a flourishing business doing what you love.

But you…

Feel blocked around earning the income you desire?
Are uncertain about how to fund your dreams?
Lack confidence and courage to build a business on your own?
Fear taking the leap before you are completely sure your wings can carry you?
Worry that ‘stuff’ will come up that you won’t know how to deal with if you try?

Convert your desires into inspired action

My clients feel a pull, an energised desire to grow into a new version of themselves. They look at their life and know it’s not the one of their dreams. They know deep down, they have more to give, more light to shine. They know they have habits that do not serve them – like avoiding uncomfortable things, putting off taking action or playing small – and they want different ways of responding. There can be a mixed lot of emotions around money and they want to clear that and make way for the prosperity that allows them choice, freedom, and a chance to do work that makes their heart sing. They reject hollow promises of effortless bliss.

There is no greater path for personal growth
than growing your own business.
It sure brings up your stuff
so you can deal with it
and grow!

Your buttons around confidence and achievement can be pushed. Without coaching and guidance, this could stop you dead in your tracks… Your dreams never realised. With coaching and guidance, you have support, resources and strategies that work to move through these challenges, accountability to keep taking meaningful action, feedback to know you are heading in the direction of your dreams and a fan club that will celebrate your successes (and encourage you to do the same) every step of the way.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~ Helen Keller


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Happy Clients

My husband and I faced big challenges in our careers. Working with Michelle changed our outlook from concern and anxiety to confidence, clarity and optimism… And we gained a toolkit of Michelle’s strategies and techniques to serve us in the future.

Miya Isherwood

Richard Persons

My husband Dugan and I hired Michelle to help us to work through some big changes we faced with our careers.

Michelle guided us to explore techniques for managing stress and dealing with emotional issues. She also helped us to ‘see the big picture’ and identify opportunities that may emerge from these changes that align with our values and interests as a family.

We chose Michelle to work with us because she has a unique ability to understand things from multiple perspectives and appreciates the important values of her clients. Michelle knew where we were coming from. She helped us find options that align with our values, taught strategies for achieving our goals and celebrating our successes and progress.

The timing was perfect! It changed our outlook from concern and anxiety to optimism around our future options and opportunities. With new confidence and a toolkit of the strategies and techniques Michelle imparted, we have been able to embark on our future planning with a positive and pragmatic approach.

Michelle is incredibly professional, yet warm and understanding in her approach. Michelle quickly picks up on key issues, challenges and opportunities, and works with you to tease these out and address them on multiple levels. Michelle also provided useful follow up material and further assistance to keep us on track with our goals and strategies after our coaching sessions.

We are now planning around our career changes with greater confidence, clarity and optimism. We can see how various sectors in our lives interrelate and how important it is to celebrate our achievements and plan for things that are important to us as a family, but to go with the flow where we need to.

I recommended Michelle to my sister, Sara who is setting up her new business because Sara is on the cusp of setting up a new creative therapy business, and Michelle has the ideal skill set and attributes to work with her to ensure things are done right from the start.

I wanted to change careers and sort out my really disrupted sleep. Michelle guided me to get really clear on my purpose and vision for my new ventures. And my sleep has improved too!

Richard Parsons, Social Researcher & Sustainable Land Regeneration and Food Consultant

Richard Persons

I came to Michelle because I wanted to change careers but was struggling from a lack of clarity and really bad, disrupted sleep.

For me, perhaps the biggest impact Michelle’s business and life coaching made was the ‘permission’ and guidance to think differently about how I view my work and my purpose. I now feel that developing new businesses around my passions has been given legitimacy. This is a really big step for me! And on a practical level, Michelle guided me to make plans for my new working life and business ventures. There are other important impacts too. I am sleeping better, because I now have less anxiety around making a big change. And, while I don’t consider myself a ‘creative thinker’, Michelle gave me tools to think more creatively.


Free Strategy Session

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it’s time!

What to expect…

In this focus session we will:

  • Get really clear on your VISION for what you really, REALLY want in your business and life
  • Determine what is the BIGGEST thing holding you back from having the business and life you want
  • Tell you exactly the key actions to stop the struggle and get on track

Finally, I will give you my honest evaluation of what’s your best possible strategy to get there.

I offer four of these special calls each month. If you’d like to have one, please fill out the form to apply and I’ll be in touch asap.

What's your two or three biggest concerns, fears, challenges or obstacles that you feel are holding you back from the lifestyle you desire?

Michelle is the bringer of clarity, inspiration, possibilities and a practical pathway to back up your heartfelt dreams!

About Michelle

portrait of Michelle Walker painting I am passionate about helping you clear your blocks to prosperity and living powerfully…and creating a business doing what you love.

I am passionate and skillful at helping women get clarity, feel energised and confident, and take action to manifest their deepest dreams and desires. We will work together to help you create and live the life your heart and spirit dreams of.

I love helping women overcome their stress around money, uncertainty about their passion and purpose, and resistance to living a prosperous and powerful life.

Even though I have a business I love – helping savvy women discover their dreams and launch their dream-life – and am able to earn more than $100K from working part-time hours, it wasn’t always that way…

I know about the money *stuff* and being stuck because it is my story too. About five years ago, after running a successful consulting business for many years, where I worked long hours to make decent money but had no creative outlet, I decided IT WAS TIME. I refocused my business to offering creative thinking programs and courses to help professional people unlock their natural talent. Over the years of leading these programs, I have witnessed hundreds of people struggle with allowing their creative side to shine through. What I discovered was that many talented and passionate women kept their dreams in a shoebox because they couldn’t see how they could possible fund them. This kept them blocked from pursuing their heart’s deepest desires. I realised that clearing money *stuff* and past traumas was a huge factor in helping others who want to create a more prosperous, creative, fulfilling life that gave them choice and freedom.

My coaching programs – focused on helping soulful, savvy women step into the next best version of themselves – were born!

On my own journey, I have sought knowledge and wisdom from international experts in wealth creation, business coaching and creativity for my own personal development and business growth. Along the way, I have attained the following qualifications for my speciality fields:

  • I am a Certified Tapping into Wealth Coach and studied with the masterful Margaret Lynch.
  • I am a Certified Creatively Fit Coach and studied with the talented Whitney Freya.

I live on a 170 acre farm called Serenity Hills (and yes, it is as peaceful as it sounds) inland from Byron Bay, Australia with my husband Ian and dog Lulu. We are blessed with oodles of wildlife, bird song, fresh air and gorgeous views of the valley and mountains nearby. I run my coaching and visual thinking businesses from the farm’s old diary cold room. I also have a secret passion for forging metal into curvy shapes and designing jewellery which I do out of my renovated milking bales studio.

From the profits of my work, I support and regularly contribute to these charities:

  • The Smith Family sponsoring an Australian child’s schooling expenses and education
  • Guide Dogs Australia
  • Surf Life Saving Australia
  • The Climate Council

I support the following community projects with pro bono work:

A message from Michelle

message from Michele image

I believe the act of making and creating
is a path to the heart,
A way to know joy
To release what doesn’t serve
To focus on what matters
To see the (sometimes hidden) gifts
To discover ways to make courageous change.

I believe each one of us has a unique soul essence.
To fully know that essence
Means to live a whole-hearted life
A courageous life
A fulfilled life.

In working with others who choose this heart-felt journey
My mission and passion is to help change lives
And leave a legacy
for our families and our communities.
That our endeavours to know our true selves help us find peace
and the ability to care for each other and this beautiful planet.

If you have this yearning to know your soul’s unique essence
If your deep wisdom is whispering to you…
To let go of what doesn’t serve you
To seek out joy and love,
To see clearly what matters, what brings your heart peace
It would be my deep honour and pleasure to work and walk with you on this journey.